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Dai-chan Big chance Talk - June 2010

Dai-chan Big Chance Talk - June 2010 

Theme : Concert

I think that concerts are an important occasion where fans always support us, where we can breathe the same air in the same place and where we can have fun with them. But Jump has the image that we're doing concerts according to seasons right ? Because it's occasions where we can be in contact, we are really happy ! It also became a way to amplify our skills ! When we're on stage during concerts, it's real fun and our tension is high but we're always thinking in our heart "It'd be nice if we could express our feelings of gratitude to our fans~". But actually it's more the fans who give us energy (laughs) And when I look at the audience, this is what makes me happy ! When I was waving to people who look like they've just come with their friend, at first they were indifferent and it was a bit embarrassing. But at the end of the concert, when I continue to wave to people, they waved back a bit. I understood that we managed to make them enjoy it so I was happy. Ah ! Even so ! Could you stop having a "It's the first time I came to a concert" face ! (laughs) After all the thing that makes us the most happy is when we see people's happiness and we can see they're happy to finally meet us.

Okay a tiny little translation because I have my Japanese exam tomorrow so I need practice.
I'm sorry about the fail!English ><" I tried to do a good translation but I must say it's really rough and that I don't have enough time to really concentrate on it.
If something is really weird and you don't understand, feel free to ask~
I'm sorry I didn't do any translations lately, my exams are eating my life...
So hm I hope you enjoyed it a bit ><"

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