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08 November 2010 @ 03:24 am

Yuuto is always nice, that's why I'm gonna watch all the movies he recommended. ♥ (Yabu)
Exchaning interests and talking with Yabu-kun is fun! (Nakajima)
This RABU RABU couple has firmly entangled their pinkies. ♥
03 October 2010 @ 04:08 am



(not that anyone cares but... w/e /threatens)
18 August 2010 @ 05:28 am

This is the second time we're doing "Summary" but this time, I think we can add a new fresh feeling to it. "Travel around the world" is this year's theme, and during the show we'll show all kinds of different colors from the countries. Not a single scene is the same as the other. Singing, dancing and of course flying. Of course, that's good right? (laughs) Flying is because "Summary" is in a mast right?
I also have a water act and I'll get soaked by a water fountain. I'll be like "BAN!" And the fountain will be like "BAA!!!" And  "ZAA" (Don't blame me, this is what it says. I guess he's trying to visualize the act for the readers.) It will be something like this (laughs). 'This year I want to do a wet dance,' is what I thought. The children also went along with it, so it's a hopeful scene.
The number of days we have to perform is quite a lot. I think this is a challenge for us to keep motivated.
During the musical "She Loves Me" I was was anxious but still willing to do it, including ad-lips, every performance I could try something different, it became fun and eventually it was something that happened unnoticed. (He got used to it.) First, having fun yourself is very important. This time too, I'll try my best.


Short translation but very nice indeed. Loved how he visualized his act for the readers.

Comments and corrections are always welcomed. ^^

22 July 2010 @ 05:12 am

At work, at home, at a friends home, I want to think of every place as home. An important place for me is not decided by a specific location, but by the people and the environment.
When your friends are around you will feel relieved anywhere. That being said, I treasure my close friends. I'll never get tired of every day being together and talking with each other. It doesn't have to be a deep story, with just a few words I will understand what they're talking about and that's enough. Before, when I got told, "I know you have your job, but when you want to be in your hometown for a while I can fully understand," I got really happy. I will always treasure it, friends are important.

JUMP Phrase
Lack of sleep?!

During the world cup I had a lack of sleep every day (laughs). Yesterday, while watching the game I got excited, it was because I was with friends and soccer!

Album "No.1" point!
Everyone's cheer-up song.

When I heard Dreamer's music playing for the first time it was hard to not just drop the lyrics (laughs). (He means that the music was too nice for lyrics). It became a cheerful song!


Short translation, but I loved it nonetheless. Will probably translate more this week, depending on my time. For now. Enjoy this short translation!

Comments and corrections are always welcome.
18 July 2010 @ 02:59 pm

Dai-chan Big Chance Talk - August 10


Fanboy in thereCollapse )

Pretty funny. In the end I love translating Dai-chan's stuff x) There's always one member to tease him XD And this time it's Chinen mwahahahah We love you Dai-chan <3
I really liked the way he's talking about Shingo ^^ Really nice~ It changes from Chinen and his absolute love for Ohno-kun ='D
Anyway, I should be back soon with another translation. Maybe tonight if I'm not too tired x)
And thanks to Laurilove24 who scanned her duet so that I could translate this ! Thank you dear ;D

And finally :

Thank you to every single person who commented on the last translation.
I don't know how to say how happy I was to read all your comments <3
I didn't answer every comment but they all made me happy so THANK YOU :D
14 July 2010 @ 05:27 pm
Arioka Daiki - Wink Up August 10


Dai-chanCollapse )

Okay so I did two translations with a major epic fail in the first one... I'm sorry T.T
The second one was funny~ And I hope you liked it =]
Comments are love, as always~ =]
You know, it kind of hurts when we see so many people reading our translations and not even thanking us...

P.S : I know I didn't translate Dai-chan Big Chance Talk of July AND August. I'm just waiting for better scans because I can't read the kanjis. "But she translated the thing from Duet !!!" you may think. YES but it was written in black and easy to read =/ Big Chance Talk are always in color so it's more difficult to read. Please forgive me and I promise I will translate them ASAP !

23 June 2010 @ 04:12 am
Some words are best hearing them from familyCollapse )
I'M SORRY IT TOOK ME SO LONG TO DO THIS. I made myself s scheme to get back to translating again. And to warp things up before I leave on a holiday lol. For now. Enjoy Yabu and his Aniki-love (don't ask me why... But  I love with when he talks about his older brother ¬¬), and his love for cars (which I shall never understand 8D?). ♥♥
16 June 2010 @ 07:32 pm
Arioka Daiki -  Wink Up may 2010


Du Du DuuunCollapse )

So hm yeah, sorry for my stupid comments.
I'm like REALLY late in my translations because of RL. (can actually kill your IRL XD)
But I'll try to do some translations before leaving for Japan~
And the bonus was just a cute thing I read so I shared =]

Hope you enjoyed it and comments are always love ! ^^
14 June 2010 @ 06:17 am
Yabu loves that guy from SendaiCollapse )

Special thanks to Gareth satsukisora for providing the RAW. And to sa718ra for helping me out with some stuff~

I think I died of laughter several times during this translation. Yabu, how can you have so much fun... All by yourself? Gosh, you are the biggest, most lovable idiot I ever came across. Translating things like this makes me proud and happy to be your fan.

Also, after all the YabuNoo we got in the magazines, I can't be the only one who was happy to see that YabuHika also is still alive?! Yes, Yabu, you and Hikaru go have heated conversations about soccer :3 Until the Netherlands kick Japan out of the World Cup -stuck up Dutch soccer-fan-

It's good to be back to translations. I have a hella a lot to keep up with, but I'll promise you guys I'll do my best!!


Edit; Because stevenica pointed out some things, I re-translated those parts.

(and the emoticons I used, are exactly those Yabu used.)
21 May 2010 @ 06:47 pm

Dai-chan Big Chance Talk - June 2010


Theme : Concert

I think that concerts are an important occasion where fans always support us, where we can breathe the same air in the same place and where we can have fun with them. But Jump has the image that we're doing concerts according to seasons right ? Because it's occasions where we can be in contact, we are really happy ! It also became a way to amplify our skills ! When we're on stage during concerts, it's real fun and our tension is high but we're always thinking in our heart "It'd be nice if we could express our feelings of gratitude to our fans~". But actually it's more the fans who give us energy (laughs) And when I look at the audience, this is what makes me happy ! When I was waving to people who look like they've just come with their friend, at first they were indifferent and it was a bit embarrassing. But at the end of the concert, when I continue to wave to people, they waved back a bit. I understood that we managed to make them enjoy it so I was happy. Ah ! Even so ! Could you stop having a "It's the first time I came to a concert" face ! (laughs) After all the thing that makes us the most happy is when we see people's happiness and we can see they're happy to finally meet us.

Okay a tiny little translation because I have my Japanese exam tomorrow so I need practice.
I'm sorry about the fail!English ><" I tried to do a good translation but I must say it's really rough and that I don't have enough time to really concentrate on it.
If something is really weird and you don't understand, feel free to ask~
I'm sorry I didn't do any translations lately, my exams are eating my life...
So hm I hope you enjoyed it a bit ><"